About Shine

Our Mission
Shine Utah is passionate about increasing self esteem and building confidence to help girls shine now and throughout their lives.

Shine Founders

I am a college student who is very passionate about service and am determined to make a difference somewhere, somewhow. When I had the oppurtunity to be apart of Shine I took the idea and ran with it. I've had my share of formal dances and I know how expensive they can get so I want to make sure every girl has their chance to shine.

I am a wife, a psychology student, and a lover of all things poofy, sparkly or girly which is what led me to the idea of Shine. To me, Shine is not necessarily about the dress or prom. It is about giving girls the power to feel beautiful and confident- which is something that every girl deserves to feel. We are so thrilled to begin this project and help girls shine!

I am a mom, wife and sister-in-law to Natasha. We are blessed to share the same family! I am passionate about helping women and girls see their true potential. When Natasha posed this idea to me, I jumped at the opportunity knowing it was something I needed to do. If I can help just one girl feel special, even for one night, it will all be worth it.

Please contact Shaleese or Becky at shineutah@gmail.com.

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